Our Initiatives

Bridges of Belonging is a Golisano Autism Center initiative aimed at promoting greater social inclusion and acceptance of autistic individuals in the community. The program seeks to provide education, training, and resources to individuals, organizations, and businesses on how to better understand and support our autistic friends.

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Together, we can build bridges of belonging and promote acceptance and understanding for all.
Learn how you, your team or your organization can participate in this transformative movement. Contact the Golisano Autism Center to learn more about participating in this initiative.

Please contact our Peer Mentor


Our Peer Mentor is dedicated to supporting and guiding autistic individuals on their unique journeys. As an autistic individual themselves, they intimately understand the challenges that individuals may encounter. Their primary focus is to facilitate connections between autistic individuals and the essential services they may require. Beyond offering a listening ear, they are passionate advocates who provide invaluable guidance and assistance, empowering you to reach and achieve your goals.

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