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Golisano Autism Center Rendering
The Golisano Autism Center is transforming the delivery of autism services in the region. A comprehensive, enriched and innovative new model co-locates resources offered by multiple providers — experts in ASD knowledge, and in their specific services areas.


A lifetime span of autism services at the Golisano Autism Center include, but are not limited to:
  • Evaluation*
  • Early Intervention
  • Preschool Education
  • Child Care
  • School-Aged Education
  • After School/Respite
  • Article 28/16 Clinic*
  • Family Navigation
  • Parent Support & Training
  • Autism HelpLine
  • Care Management
  • Therapeutic Interventions
  • Housing Liaison
  • Employment Support
  • Benefits Linkage
  • Social & Recreational
  • Chiropractic & Yoga*
  • Pre-Vocational & Readiness
  • Multi Sensory Regulation
  • Arts & Theater*
  • Sports & Fitness
  • Transition & Adult
  • Transportation
  • Community Education
  • Sensory Learning Gymnasium
  • Outdoor Learning & Recreation
  • Ongoing Service Expansion


Multiple autism service providers work collaboratively under one roof at the Golisano Autism Center. This one-stop approach to accessing a wide variety of supports is transformative. Family Navigators are available on-site to help connect families with on-site providers, services and supports within the Center. Current tenants providing services at the Golisano Autism Center include:

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Arc of Monroe
The mission of the Arc of Monroe is to create an inclusive society where the people they support may live truly integrated lives and reach their full potential as a part of our community. Check back soon to learn more about the services we will provide at the Golisano Autism Center. Visit website
AutismUp is a parent led autism support organization in the Greater Rochester and surrounding areas proudly serving more than 2,300 families. Its mission is to expand and enhance opportunities to improve quality of life for individuals of all ages and abilities with autism, and their families. AutismUp offers innovative, customized, and highly supported programs year round in the afternoons, evenings and weekends at the GAC, that develop Social Skills, Readiness Skills, Sensory Regulation, Supported Fitness and Recreation Skills. Additionally, support services include Parent & Caregiver Training, Family Support, Special Events, Family Gatherings, and Community Education. AutismUp headquarters are now located at the Golisano Autism Center. Information and registration at or call (585) 248-9011.
CP Rochester
CP Rochester Article 28 Primary Care: This clinic will offer OT, PT, ST, Psychiatry, Psychology, Dental, and Primary Care services to individuals. Dental and Primary Care will be available in the future, but not available immediately.

CP Rochester Article 16 Clinic: OT, PT, ST, Psychology services available to individuals who qualify under the OPWDD waiver with the 95 exemption code on their NOD for Article 16 services. This clinic is able to offer skilled long-term therapy to individuals admitted to the clinic. Full services will be offered beginning September 2020.

CP Rochester’s SAIL program: designed to support and assist individuals to become more independent. Skill based learning will be provided at both site based sensory-integrated environment and community based volunteer opportunities. Learning opportunities will focus on emotional well-being, socialization, community involvement, self-advocacy, accessing safe supports, employability skills, benefits education, and building friendships and natural supports.
For more information visit our website
Easter Seals
Easter Seals, Upstate NY offers clinical, residential, and educational services to individuals and families, including outpatient Primary Care and Mental Health services, In-home Respite, Community Recreation, Community Habilitation, Individual Residential Alternatives, Intermediate Care Facilities, and specialized instruction for students ages 5-21 at the Kessler Center school. Our newest program, THRIVE@ESNY, located within the Golisano Autism Center, is a collaboration with an amazing team of agencies supporting people with Autism and their families. In the THRIVE program, students of at least high school age who have demonstrated mastery of skillsets on the main Kessler Center campus will have the opportunity to apply and practice these skills for a portion of their school day at the Golisano Center, a setting that is specially designed to ensure student safety and sensory well-being. Some of the skills students will work on include: social-emotional skills; communication skills; community living skills; work-based skills; and recreational skills. Individuals and families utilizing Easter Seals Upstate NY services will also visit the Golisano Autism Center for a variety of Recreational Respite and Community Habilitation activities. THRIVE@ESNY Eligibility: Students of at least high school age who have demonstrated mastery of skillsets on the main Kessler Center campus. Contact: Kessler School and Residential Services (Requires School District Referral) at (585) 957-7206. Visit website
Happiness House
Happiness House Pre School and Day Care Program: Happiness House Pre School and Day Care Program: One special class, which is non-integrated serving children who need specialized programming. One special class integrated setting offering AM and PM classes 3 hours each; with the option of Day Care from 7AM-5PM. This can be a wrap option for any child attending the special class setting or it can be community daycare as well. Private Pay Preschool is also offered with a morning and afternoon option, coinciding with our special class integrated setting. Daycare will operate on the school schedule only. Visit our website for more information.
Holy Childhood
Holy Childhood’s Supported Employment Services: Holy Childhood Supported Employment Services staff provides intake assistance for ACCES-VR services for people with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities. Staff also provides ongoing support to assist those interested in acquiring and maintaining competitive employment. Informational meetings related to job readiness are also provided by the Holy Childhood staff. Visit our website
Mary Cariola
Mary Cariola School Age Program: Specialized educational services for K-6th grade students with autism demonstrating learning, communication and/or behavioral needs. Students with characteristics similar to students on the autism spectrum may be considered. In addition to a student’s related services, as indicated on their individualized education program (IEP), which may include for example: speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, and music therapy, each student is provided an individualized education utilizing direct explicit instruction, strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis, the Unique Curriculum, and the NYS Learning Standards. Data is taken daily to drive individual student improvements and engage students in their learning. All classrooms will have 8 students, one special education teacher, and 2 paraprofessionals. Personal daily schedules rich in visuals, social stories, and planned sensory breaks are provided to key into each student’s strengths and utilize those strengths to build on challenge areas. Ages Served: 5 to 21 is possible, initially younger students; NYSED Funded; Eligibility requirements: Committee on Special Education; Capacity 32 students; Current wait list. Contact Wendy Winston, LMSW, 585-271-0761, More information at or
Monroe Housing Collaborative
MHC helps people with disabilities find affordable, accessible housing in the Greater Rochester area. Throughout Monroe County, there is a lack of residential properties that meet the needs of individuals with disabilities®. Using the combined resources of our experienced partners, we create comfortable housing options for members of our community with special requirements. MHC is your local resource — providing useful housing information and expanding residential opportunities for those living with disabilities®.
Prime Care Coordination
Service Path: Prime Care Coordination is a Care Coordination Organization created to help ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the services they need to thrive in their lives. Prime Care offers complete support for each individual, taking the time to really get to know each person and their needs and goals in order to provide a personalized approach to their care coordination. To learn more about how Prime Care Coordination can help you, visit

Provider Path: Prime Care Coordination is a Care Coordination Organization created to help ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the services they need to thrive in their lives. Prime Care offers complete support for each individual, taking the time to really get to know each person and their needs and goals in order to provide a personalized approach to their care coordination. When you join Prime Care, you will be introduced to your Care Manager. Our Care Managers are a diverse group of professionals with decades of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge about the many resources and services available. They get special training, including but not limited to meeting the needs of individuals with autism, to learn all about different ways to help people in the developmental-disability community. Some of our Care Managers speak more than one language. They will be able to assist and talk with you, your family and your support network in a way that is most comfortable for you.

To learn more about how Prime Care Coordination can help you, visit
Resources and Public Benefits Connections (RPBC)
Assists individuals and families to secure public benefits and/or community resources they need in order to take care of themselves and their families. Specialized training in public benefits and work incentive transitional benefits. Key Components: Transitional Benefits Planning; Linkage to community resources and benefit assessment; Family Self-sufficiency planning; Financial literacy Education and Groups For more information contact Michele Eckert 263-2690 x 2125
Rochester Rehabilitation
Rochester Rehabilitation Supported Employment Services: Supported Employment assists people with disabilities to obtain and maintain competitive employment. In continued partnership with New York State's Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) program, Supported Employment helps people without jobs to find work, employers to fill vacancies, and employees to adapt to their new environment more quickly and more smoothly than they would alone. Assistance is free and includes: Developing work readiness skills; Individually tailored supervision; Interacting with employers; Job coaching and placement; On-site assistive technology training; Additionally, work-based assessments, ten-day job readiness training programs, internships, direct placement services, and retention support are offered. For more information, call us at 585.263.2690 or visit | Employment Connection | 1357 University Ave. Rochester NY 14607
Room to Bloom
A Special Education Teacher guides the Sensory Sync UP class for 2 hours with help from a Teacher Assistant. Maximum number of children in the group is 6 and based on the individual needs of the children speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services can be provided during the 2-hour class time. Hands on experiential learning opportunities will be provided in a sensory gym and classroom. Varied sensory experiences (tactile, vestibular) will be available throughout the 2 hours to assist in ‘syncing’ the child’s body to his/her environment. RTB’s aim is to have children experience successful sensory opportunities to best allow growth and learning how to play and socialize. We will provide developmentally appropriate activities based on children’s outcomes and differentiate sensory experiences to ensure success.

Get Connected

General Inquiries & Family Navigator

(585) 685-8300

Golisano Autism Center (GAC) Family Navigator

The GAC Family Navigator provides:

  • Customized support for families living in the Rochester City School District, and all surrounding areas
  • Assistance navigating systems and accessing services available from the collaborative providers located at the Golisano Autism Center and in the community
  • Individualized family information, resources and support

The Family Navigator will help you to provide the best possible outcomes for your child.

Complete an online intake form HERE (one time only) in order for us to better assist you. This will help the Family Navigator have appropriate material and information at hand, and be prepared to speak with you. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to schedule an appointment with a Family Navigator within two business days.

The Autism Helpline - Hours

8AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday for any reason
To leave a message after hours, email:

Autism HelpLine

A collaborative community initiative sponsored by the Golisano Autism Center 1 (866) AUTISM 4

What is it?

Help for people with autism, their families, caregivers, and anyone who has questions about autism. This is a local information and referral service, for callers in the Greater Rochester and surrounding areas.

When to call?

8AM – 5PM, Monday through Friday for any reason. To leave a message after hours, email:

What to expect?

Trained professionals who can help callers find the best source of services, provide directions, appropriate referrals and/or support, as needed, in real time.

Where can I learn more?

The HelpLine offers a broad range of autism related information and support.



The Center is open to visitors from the public weekdays from 8 AM - 4:30 PM. The Center is open evenings and weekends for registered participants of on-site provider programs, or by appointment with a Family Navigator.

All visitors must sign in and out of the Center.

About the Golisano Autism Center

1 in 54
1 in 54 individuals are diagnosed with autism.
Friends and Loved Ones
10,000 individuals and families live with an autism diagnosis in Monroe County.
Childhood to Adults*
1,350 school-aged students; 500 are preparing for transition to adulthood.
1 : 1
Each individual with ASD has unique service needs and complex circles of support with few opportunities to collaborate.
8,485 adults have autism*
Autism lasts a LIFETIME. The establishment of a “Center for Autism” will provide comprehensive services across the lifespan of an individual.
Raising Money.
A Multi-Million dollar campaign to build the Center will provide easy access to services desired and needed. A $2.5 million challenge grant will insure the goal is met.
*Specific to Monroe County, NY

Autism Stats

  • The CDC estimates that 1 in 54 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  • ASD is reported to occur in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.
  • ASD is about 4.5 times more common among boys (1 in 34) than among girls (1 in 144).
  • It is estimated that 10,000 individuals live with an autism diagnosis in Monroe County
    • 165 children ages 2 - 5
    • 1,500 school-aged students; approximately 500 of these students preparing for transition to adulthood
    • 8,485 adults with autism
  • About 1 in 6 children in the United States had a developmental disability in 2006-2008, ranging from mild disabilities such as speech and language impairments to serious developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and autism.


The Golisano Autism Center will provide a continuum of services that span a lifetime and offer a full array of coordinated program options for infants, toddlers, youth, teens and adults including: behavioral and primary care supports; respite; community habilitation; social, recreational and therapeutic services; and a housing and employment liaison. Lead partners Al Sigl, AutismUp and CP Rochester will coordinate the addition of other affiliate autism service agencies to be housed at the center.



Founding Partners

Al Sigl, AutismUp and CP Rochester founded the Golisano Autism Center with the mission to provide comprehensive and coordinated autism services, ensure ease of access for families and individuals living with autism, and improve outcomes across all ages and abilities.

AlSigl Center
CP Rochester

Board of Directors

Mary Walsh Boatfield
Thomas O’Connor
Vice Chair
Jeffrey W. Baker
Sarah Milko
Cody Braithwaite
R. Scott Burdett
Jacqueline Hawks Lyttle
Aaron Hilger
Thomas Wilmot, Jr.

Fundraising Committee

Mary Walsh Boatfield
Tom O’Connor
Sarah Milko
Beth Ciardi
R. Scott Burdett
Michael & Carly Cerone
Roberta Chaney
Chuck Graham
Aaron Hilger
Lisa Latten
Angelo & Lisa Ponticello
Thomas Wilmot, Jr.

Thank you

The new Center is named for philanthropist, and Paychex and Golisano Foundation Chairman, Tom Golisano, who announced a matching challenge grant of $2.5 million to help build the Center in 2017. The first major gift toward the challenge came from the Golisano Foundation in the amount of $500,000. The campaign to build the Golisano Autism Center totals $9 million.

Major Donors to Date

  • Tom Golisano
  • Golisano Foundation
  • Brighter Days Foundation
  • Finger Lakes Regional Economic Development Council
  • Waldron Rise Foundation
  • Assemblyman Harry Bronson & Congressman Joseph Morelle
  • Fred L. Emerson Foundation, Inc.
  • Paychex Charitable Foundation
  • Ability Partners Foundation/CP Rochester
  • Wegmans Food Markets
  • Al Sigl Community of Agencies
  • Jackie and Bob Sperandio
  • AutismUp
  • Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation
  • Mark Shortino
  • Davenport-Hatch Foundation
  • Karpus Family Foundation

In The News

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Contact Information


Beth Ciardi, Director
Email Beth
Phone: (585) 685-8300
Fax: (585) 461-2418


Golisano Autism Center
50 Science Parkway
Rochester, NY 14620